ITM Associates, Inc. (ITM) designs and executes security programs for government and industry clients worldwide. We specialize in simplifying complex challenges of security convergence; i.e., the integration of physical security, product security and digital security platforms for greater security performance throughout the global supply chain.

ITM is working with industry groups to adapt and apply cyber & ID security strategies to the product & supply chain security world. The result is a new approach to devise logistics and logistics security management strategies that link facility security and product (materials) security to digital (technology) security to establish a single Integrated Security Platform.

ITM’s solutions include a mix of proprietary enabling technologies plus Best-In-Class capability sourced from emerging technology providers worldwide.

ITM’s inFUSION™ eSystems security portal is a modular design that provides the flexibility to easily “plug & play” new technologies in response to new threats and allows all participants to progress at their own pace.
inFUSION™ eSystems represents the latest in a line of award-winning inFUSION branded process management products created by ITM over its 20-year history.  

inFUSION™ eSystems is a physical adaptation of federated ID management (“FidM”) models that have emerged in cyber circles as a best practice for collaborative systems that improve security & regulatory efficiency industry-wide. Most importantly, these models are already deemed by regulators to follow an acceptable precedent for government’s participation in industry-led policy initiatives.

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