The Lotus/Beacon Award winning inFusion family of products enable organizations to improve productivity and business process efficiency, produce higher quality products and services, and effectively utilize their knowledge assets.

inFusion eForms

inFusion eForms is a workflow solution for your organization's submission, routing, and approval of electronic forms. eForms technology enables individuals to fill-in forms in Lotus Forms* and PDF and submit the data via the internet. The data is collected in back-end databases and then processed according to your organization's workflow preferences. This product is particularly useful where on-line forms need to look exactly like the paper version due to regulations or corporate standards.

PDF inFusion eReview

PDF inFusion eReview supports on-line real-time collaborative review of documents and graphics in PDF format. Reviewers can access PDF documents in a browser and apply comments without altering the actual PDF. They can also see and respond to the comments of other reviewers. Companies often use this product to speed reviews of business plans, legal documents, proposals, advertisements, graphics, regulatory submissions, and other materials.

inFusion eSystems

inFUSION™ eSystems is a physical adaptation of federated ID management (“FidM”) models that have emerged in cyber circles as a best practice for collaborative systems that improve security & regulatory efficiency industry-wide. Most importantly, these models are already deemed by regulators to follow an acceptable precedent for government’s participation in industry-led policy initiatives.

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inFusion Family of Products