ITM provides products and services that make businesses more profitable and prosperous by bridging the gap between business operations and the enormous potential of emerging technologies. ITM's staff of professionals design, adapt, or integrate technology to (1) eliminate or reduce time-consuming information processing tasks, (2) assist executives to make more informed and timely decisions, and (3) achieve greater efficiency by extending internal information systems to customers, vendors, and strategic partners.

The result...Companies sharpen their focus, energize their work force, and accelerate delivery of new products and services to market.

As part of its toolset, ITM develops the award winning inFusion family of software products that accelerate content review and improve eTransactions - dynamic collection and delivery of information.

By connecting information, people, and processes across traditional business and organizational boundaries (e-Business solutions), ITM enables professionals to access information, draw conclusions, make decisions, and communicate those decisions to others.

e-Business solutions allow organizations to sharpen their focus, energize their workforce, and accelerate new products and services to market. ITM's solutions are based upon a successful history of delivering results for some of the world's best known companies. e-Business solutions simplify information processing and data management, allow people to seamlessly communicate through a ubiquitous network, improve data quality and customers relations, and accelerate products to market more efficiently and effectively while maximizing the productivity of employees, vendors, and customers.

By combining innovative thinking with commercial-off-the-shelf software products, ITM improves supply chain management, self-service web applications, brand management, legal negotiations, insurance policy development, new drug application submissions, human resource applications, and a variety of other critical business applications. Many of the top insurance, pharmaceutical, financial services, and manufacturing companies rely on ITM's solutions to keep them well ahead of the competition.


A Focus on Results

ITM prides itself on building solid relationships with its customers. In many ways, we form strategic relationships with our customers. After all, we all should be trying to achieve the same thing: Return on Investment and demonstrable results. ITM's first relationships from 1993 are still active customers today. With so many companies forgetting about their customers, ITM holds strong to the premise that people do business with people and not with companies.

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